International Travel Insurance

The University's International Travel Insurance program coverage and services to University Faculty, Staff, Trustees, Students, and Volunteers while on University related and approved international travel.

We recommend that each campus establish written procedures for foreign travel, including a requirement that authorization to travel should be made in writing prior to the travel. These documents should be kept centrally on each campus and/or made easily accessible. In addition, all travel should be registered in Terra Dotta, the University's travel registry program.

The University’s international travel coverage is intended to provide the first line of service and protection to the University’s travelers. Prior to traveling, international travelers should still contact their personal health insurance company to make certain they understand what additional coverage they may have in place, or may want to put in place, while traveling abroad. Any additional coverage purchased would be at the traveler’s own expense.

Travel Card - this document contains specific insurance information, including the University's policy number and levels of coverage, as well as contact information to report a claim to the insurance carrier. Please print this document and carry it with you while you are traveling. 

In addition, the University has resources available to assist you both before and during international travel: 

  • Pre-travel resources like up-to-date information about health and safety matters, including required and recommended immunizations
  • Access to important information about the current physical and geo-political situation in the country you plan to visit
  • Travel insurance, covering accident and sickness, medical and security evacuation, and emergency family travel
  • Export control advice, including the transport of University technology, like laptops, iPads, smartphones and other similar devices, and the availability of “clean”/compliant devices

If you would like additional information, please contact your campus representative listed below. 

Campus Points of Contact

Faculty and Staff Contacts

  • Amherst:  Ruth Yanka,  413-545-1581
  • Boston:  Darryl Mayers, 617-287-5458
  • Dartmouth:  Christina Bruen, 508-910-6633
  • Lowell:  Rebecca Spanos, 978-934-4824
  • Medical School:  Teresa Zash, 508-856-5746

Student Contacts

  • Amherst:  Andrea Drake, 413-545-4350
  • Boston:  Ksenija Borojevic, 617-287-3961
  • Dartmouth:  Christina Bruen, 508-910-6633
  • Lowell:  Fern MacKinnon, 978-934-4094
  • Medical School:  Teresa Zash, 508-856-5746