UMass President's Office - Phase One Workforce Timeline

The President’s Office On-Site Transition Team (OTT) has reviewed the Governor’s Reopening Massachusetts Report, which was issued yesterday. Based upon that review, the OTT has made some adjustments to the timeline that we issued on May 13th regarding the President’s Office Phase One Workforce:

  • The Phase One Workforce at Shrewsbury, Hadley and Brockton will return to on-site work beginning on Tuesday, May 26th, as planned.
  • The Phase One Workforce for the One Beacon Office in Boston will return to on-site work beginning on Monday, June 1st.
  • The earliest date that employees in the Phase Two Workforce would return to on-site work is Monday, June 15th (this date has been changed from June 8th in last week’s email.) 

All President’s Office employees who are part of the Phase One Workforce have already been notified by Human Resources regarding their status. If you have not already received an email from Human Resources then you will not be returning to on-site work during phase one.

The OTT is working with senior leadership to determine which employees will be included in the Phase Two Workforce. We will share this information with you as soon as it is available. (Again, the earliest date that employees in the Phase Two Workforce would return to on-site work is Monday, June 15th.)

The OTT has developed an On-site Return Guide for Phase One, which will be distributed to all President’s Office staff tomorrow.  This guide meets all of the requirements contained in the Governor’s Reopening Massachusetts Report. The OTT will continue to update that guide with Phase Two guidelines and will distribute that updated version in the coming weeks.

During this time period, supervisors and employees should continue to maintain regular communication to clarify work assignments and address logistics related to remote work.

All President’s Office employee updates are posted at COVID-19 Guidance. If you have any questions please contact your supervisor or Jacquie Kittler at