Create an Event (

  1. Login to the site at  An administration bar will appear at the top of the page.
  2. Hover over the Content menu item on the administration bar.  
  3. Hover over the Add Content sub-menu item.
  4. Select the Events sub-menu item.  The Events content entry form will open.
  5. Enter the Event title.
  6. Select the Permission Group (the department that owns the content).
  7. Select the Program type.
  8. Enter the Date and Time of the event.
  9. Enter the Location if applicable.
  10. Enter the Description.
  11. Upload any presentation documents using the Supporting Documents upload field.
  12. Add Presenter Bios if applicable.
  13. Add a Video recording and the corresponding Video transcripts (note that all videos require captioning and transcripts), if applicable.
  14. Scroll down and hit the Save button.

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Kelly Weeks
July 28, 2019