Adding Attachments to an Expense Report

Scanned images of receipts or other documents can be attached to an Expense Report or a Travel Authorization in the Expense module. The attachment feature works the same way as attaching a document to an email.

  1. The Expense Report or Travel Authorization needs to be saved but not submitted in order for the attachment link to become available. An expense document that has already been submitted can also be sent back by an approver in order to attach receipts.
  2. The Attachments hyperlink becomes available under the GSA Per Diem Rates hyperlink when the expense document is saved.  Click on the Attachment hyperlink.
  3. Click on the paperclip icon to attach a scanned document.
  4. Click on the Browse button to locate the desired file.
  5. When you locate the document to attach, double-click on it.
  6. Click the Upload button.
  7. To include additional documents, click the plus icon to add a new line.
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until all required documentation has been attached.  NOTE: You can only attach one document at a time. Using the control key while in the Browse search to select multiple items will only attach one of the items selected.
  9. To remove an attached document, click the trash icon on the desired line.
  10. To view an attached document, click on the attachment icon. 

Last Updated

Holly Wang
May 18, 2018