Reset President's Office Password

The University of Massachusetts System Office has adopted the new National Institute of Standards and Technology password standard as part of our ongoing efforts to protect university data. In order to align with the new standard, we made two changes to our password standard.

  1. The minimum password length increased from 8 characters to 10 characters, effective June 1, 2018. Any new password you set from this date forward will need to be at least 10 characters long.
  2. Under the new standard, there will be no requirement to periodically change your password unless there is evidence that your account has been compromised. This change took effect Nov 30, 2018.

This password standard change applies to your network account, which is used to log into President’s Office computers, your email account, the eduroam wireless network, and to various applications such as HR Direct, Finance and SA.

When you need to update your password, please follow these guidelines:

It is recommended that you print these instructions along with the eduroam installation reset documentation listed below before you begin.  

  1. Gather all of your devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) that have applications or utilities installed that require your password.  This should include any devices offsite (home, etc.). 
  2. Power off all devices except for your primary deviceThis device should be connected via an ethernet connection
  3. Choose one device to start with - a desktop or laptop is preferred with a wired connection to the networkPower on the desktop or laptop and verify you can login successfully.
  4. To change your password:
    • ​​From a Windows device while in the office, hold down the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys and select Change Password.  
    • If using an Apple device, use Outlook Web AccessChoose Settings and select the Change Password option.  Note: You can use this approach for Windows devices in the office, although the Ctrl-Alt-Del key approach is quicker. 
  5. To change your password from a Windows device while in the office, hold down the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys and select Change Password.  From a Windows or Apple device, use Outlook Web Access - Choose Settings and select the Change Password option.
  6. If you have wireless capability on your desktop or laptop, please refer to the instructions for eduroam password reset instructions.
  7. Power on your next device and update the saved password(s).  This would include any application that uses your umassp credentials (email, etc.).  Examples of devices: iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc.  Please refer to instructions on how to reset eduroam on an iOS or Android device.
  8. Continue to power on and update one device at a time until you have updated your password(s) on every device.

If you do not update a password on a device, when powered on, that device will attempt to validate the affected application(s) or system(s).  By doing so, your account will become locked out for 30 minutes after the account lockout threshold (5 invalid login attempts) has been reached.

If you forget your password, please contact the UMSO Help Desk via email at or by phone at 774.455.7777 and request a password reset for your account. 

If you are having an issue with any device, a member of the Client Support group will contact you.

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Kelly Weeks
July 28, 2019