Trash & Recycle Pickup Schedule (Shrewsbury Office)

Each office is provided with a recycling basket (bin without the trash liner).  Please make every effort to recycle any Office Waste below.  If you do not have a recycling bin, please call the Reception and Admin group at 774-455-7100.

Recycle Pickup is every Thursday.

UMass and E.L. Harvey have been working on a recycling program that is easy and efficient! Simple Stream recycling may be familiar to some of you because it's what you are already doing at home! With Simple Stream recycling, you will not be able to throw all of your recyclables into one container, trash in the other.

View the In the Bin flyer for a list of acceptable and non-acceptable materials. This flyer is also posted on walls and recycling containers throughout the facility at 333 South Street.

If you are at your desk recyclables go in blue recycling container under your desk

If you are in a conference room recyclables go in blue recycling container

If you are at a staff kitchenette use one hole for recycling, one for trash

Trash:  Trash is picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from individual office areas and daily from the public areas (break room, restrooms).  Persons in full-height offices should leave their trash (and recycle) outside their door the night before pickup since cleaning staff does not have keys to enter offices.

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Amy Thompson
March 09, 2018