Guidelines for Using a State Car (Shrewsbury Office)

University-owned vehicles are available for use to all staff members and are on a first come first serve basis. Any operator driving a University-owned vehicle must be employed by, or working on behalf of, the University. The operator must also have a valid driver's license and comply with all traffic laws. University-owned vehicles are to be used for official business only. Operators of such vehicles should only transport passengers who are also traveling on official business.

The vehicles contain mileage log books and all trips must be logged including: date, driver, purpose of trip, destination, and start/end odometer readings. These logs need to be completed by staff when using the vehicle in order to keep track of mileage and business travel.

The vehicles are parked in the state car spots in the parking lot, unless otherwise noted when picking up keys.

The vehicles are equipped with a Mass Turnpike Transponder for Fast Lane use.  The vehicle registration and manual can be found inside the glove box.  Payment of traffic tickets of any kind (including parking) is the responsibility of the driver.  Please report all mechanical problems to Amy Thompson who will coordinate the service and repairs for the vehicles.

Each vehicle has a procurement card and gas card. All employees are required to review the ProCard User's Guide, Business Expense Guidelines and Travel Manual before using a state vehicle. Employees should sign out the keys and procurement and gas card from the administrative services team. The procurement card may be used for necessary expenses incurred while using the University-owned vehicle. These include: oil, windshield washer fluid, parking fees and toll charges. The gas card should be use for all fuel purchases.   All receipts for state vehicle expenses must be submitted to the administrative services team when returning the keys and cards. Employees that return after 5:00 pm should return the keys, cards and receipts to evening security and notify Amy Thompson. If you are unable to fill the gas tank, please inform the staff person you are returning the keys to how much gas is left in the vehicle. The University will not reimburse employees for parking ticket or fines for moving violations.

The University is self-insured for auto liability associated with University/State owned vehicles. The University Treasurer's Office manages this program and settles all claims.

The vehicles should be returned to the office immediately upon conducting University business, and should not be brought home overnight. The vehicles should be parked in the designated state car parking spaces. If there are no state car spots available the vehicle should be parked in unreserved parking and the driver should notify the administrative services team of where the car is. The vehicles should not be parked in visitor, reserved or medical parking spaces.

State vehicles are not to be used for personal use.

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March 09, 2018