Office 365 Email Setup Guide

Accessing Webmail

To access webmail, use the following link:

After you enter your credentials, you will receive an option for your language and time zone. Please fill these fields in like the example shown below:

PC Guide

When you launch the Outlook application on your PC, you will be asked to re-enter your email address and password to log in. Please check the "Remember my Credentials" button.

Your user experience within the Outlook application will remain unchanged.

Mac Guide

Apple Mail

When you launch Apple Mail, you may notice that your email account is "Connecting..."

1. To update this, go to the menu bar for Apple Mail, click on Mail, then Preferences.

2. Next, click on the Accounts tab, then Server Settings.

3. Under your User Name and Password, uncheck "Automatically Manage Connection Settings". The Internal and External URL fields below will automatically fill with settings.

4. Change the "Internal URL" and "External URL" fields to: 

Click "Save" when finished.

5. After saving, close the Accounts window then close and reopen Apple Mail.

6. You should now be receiving messages through Apple Mail.

Outlook for Mac

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook Application for Mac. 

2. When it launches, the message below may appear. If it does appear, check the "Always use my response for this server" box then select "Allow".

3. Enter your password for your email address and click "Sign in".

4. You should now successfully be signed into the Outlook application.

iOS Device

iOS Mail (iOS Mail App)

iOS mail should reconfigure automatically. If not, the settings users need are listed below:

Outlook App for iOS

  1. Open the Outlook App

          If Outlook was previously configured you must delete your old UMASSP.EDU mail account configuration in order to receive mail from Office 365. Proceed to step 2.

          If this is your first time configuring Outlook, proceed to step 5.

  2. To delete your old account, first click on the icon to the left of the Inbox folder, or last accessed folder. Then click the "Settings" icon.



        3. Select your Exchange email account to open the settings, then select "Delete Account".



         4. Select "Delete From This Device"

         5. The Add Account box should appear automatically after.


          6. Enter your email address and select "Add Account"

          7. You will be prompted to use or install Microsoft Authenticator. If it is installed, click on "Open Authenticator" to continue. If not, open the App Store and install Microsoft Authenticator and after resume setting up your email.


         8. Authenticator may ask you to re-enter your Office 365 password for your email address. If it does, this is the same password as your network login.

         9. Upon completion of setting up the email account, Outlook will ask if you want to configure another account. Select "Maybe Later".

        10. Upon creation of the new account, Outlook will show several screens informing you how to use the app. You can "Skip" them if you wish.

        11. Your Outlook application is now ready to use.

Android Device

Android email Apps (Samsung Mail/Google Mail)

If you have set up your email using the android email apps, it should automatically redirect you to the new servers for Office 365.

Outlook on Android

1. Open the Outlook app from your Android device.

2. When the app launches, a box below should appear. Click on it.

3. Click on the three horizontal lines on the top left hand corner to open your account settings. Then select the gear icon.

4. Click on your Exchange email account, then select "DELETE ACCOUNT".

5. Confirm that you want to delete your account by pressing the red delete button.

6. Click on GET STARTED to add a new account to Outlook.

7. Enter your UMASSP.EDU email address in the box then click continue.

8. When prompted enter your password in the Office 365 screen then click "Sign in".

9. Outlook will attempt to complete your login. Upon completion, you will be asked if you want to add another account. You can tap on “SKIP”.

10. Tap on “SKIP” if you’d like to bypass the Welcome features of Outlook.

11. Your are now able to use Outlook for Android.

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