Installing Salesforce Plugin for Outlook


Installing the Salesforce Plugin for Outlook


With the Salesforce for Outlook plugin you can access Salesforce data, such as cases, contacts, chatter notifications without leaving your Outlook Inbox. When you open an email, you’ll have the option to show the Salesforce panel which will display relevant information from Salesforce that matches an address in the email.

If you do not have the Outlook plugin for Salesforce installed, you will need to install it. This document will show you how to install and login to the Salesforce for Outlook plugin.



Login to the Outlook web client ( using your UMass username and password.

NOTE: If you are using the Outlook desktop client for Windows or Mac, you'll need to exit for this installation to work properly.




If you are using “The new Outlook” toggle the button to disable this for now. You can return to “The new Outlook” after installation is complete.



Click the gear icon and navigate to Manage add-ins:


From this window, enter “Salesforce” in the search box at the top right side of your screen and press Enter.


The Salesforce plugin will display in the search results. Click the “Add” button to add the plugin to Outlook.




NOTE: If you already have the add-in installed, you will see a blue checkmark with “Added” beside it.


In order to use the plugin, you’ll need to login to Salesforce.

  1. Open your Outlook client (desktop or web) and click on the blue cloud icon to bring up the Salesforce panel.
  2. Select Production from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the blue “Log In to Salesforce” button. You may receive a message asking permission for Salesforce to display a new window, if so, click the “Allow” button.
  4. This will take you to a login page. Do not enter a username or password here, instead click “Use Custom Domain” at the bottom right of the login window.
  5. In the Custom Domain box enter umassp then click the blue Continue button.
  6. You will be redirected to the UMSO Secure Access Login page. Enter your UMass production credentials.
  7. A new window open asking you to connect Outlook to our Salesforce account. Click the blue Confirm button. The plugin will then be available for you in Outlook.


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