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Reservation Process

Conference Rooms can be reserved by using the Microsoft Outlook calendar.  Please remember to reserve space in advance for use at One Beacon Street, Boston.  Space is limited and therefore you must reserve space prior to showing up at the office looking for conference rooms.  Reservations will only be accepted through Outlook calendar requests.  To reserve space – in Outlook, open a new appointment, set the time, day, attendees, etc.; in the notes, please describe the purpose, how many people and any other pertinent information.

Conference Room Descriptions

Resource.Bcn.KnappRoom (31st Floor) (seats 16 around table)

Resource.Bcn.WoodRoom (31st  Floor) (seats 10 around table)

Resource.Bcn.BeaconRoom (31st Floor) (seats 10 around table)

Resource.Bcn.ExecutiveRoom (31st Floor) (seats 10 around table)

Resource.Bcn.FoundationRoom (32nd Floor) (seats 12 around table)

Resource.Bcn.LCDProjector12 (31st Floor)

Equipment and Technical Support

Julie Kenny can assist with Technical support as needed.  Please notify her in advance if you require help with setting up equipment and supply any pertinent details in advance.  Julie can be reached at or 617-287-4062.  If Julie is not available you can contact the UMSO Help Desk at 774-455-7777 or send an email to

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