Computer Loaner for Business Use (On or Off Site)

Agreement for a Computer Loaner


This agreement addresses the loan of desktop and laptop computers to staff members of the University of Massachusetts System Office (UMSO).  The UMSO may make older model personal computers available to full-time employees on a limited basis to borrow for business use for on or off site.  The University has no obligation to provide equipment for this purpose and these are not intended as a replacement for personally owned computers. Computers may be loaned out for university-related business as a productivity tool and for work-related business and communication. Use of computers for personal purposes must be in compliance with the University’s published policy on acceptable use and as required through the terms and conditions of applicable software license agreements.


Personal computer loans will be made to eligible UMSO employees on a first-come, first-served basis up to the amount of equipment available. All equipment checked out for at-home use remains the property of the University of Massachusetts System Office and shall be returned immediately upon the University’s request (for any reason) or upon the resignation or termination of the employee. Ownership of desktops and laptops and all data residing thereon will remain with the University of Massachusetts System Office. Persons checking out equipment will be held responsible for its’ return and may be asked to provide proof of such return.

Upon delivery, desktops or laptops will be configured with the UMSO standard image. The university has policies for appropriate use of software, including the requirement to demonstrate legal license to a program before installation on a university owned computer. You may not load games, entertainment software or personal finance software on a university owned laptop computer. Direct support will only be provided when desktops or laptops are at the workplace.


  • It is the staff member’s responsibility to take appropriate precautions to prevent damage to or loss/theft of any computer on loan.  The staff member or department may be responsible for certain costs to repair or replace the computer if the damage or loss is due to negligence or intentional misconduct.
  • If a computer on loan is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the UMSO Help Desk immediately. For theft or loss outside of the workplace, it must also be reported to local police. The police report should include the serial number and type of the lost computer. A copy of the police report must be provided to the UMSO Asset Manager within 48 hours.
  • Periodically, the university may change software agreements or perform a physical inventory of assets. In these cases, you will be directed to bring the device in for updates.
  • Users must take responsibility for ensuring that security updates take place on UMSO personal computers in their care.  Users must also take responsibility for ensuring that no Personally Identifiable Information reside on USMO devices in their custody.


Repair or maintenance of hardware borrowed for offsite use shall be at the discretion of the UMSO Client Support Group. If hardware or software malfunctions or becomes unusable, the Client Support Group may elect not to repair it and may withdraw it from the check-out pool. In that case, the University has no obligation to provide replacement hardware to the user.


I request check-out of a University of Massachusetts personal computer for offsite use. I understand that this equipment will remain the property of the UMSO and must be returned in acceptable condition at the conclusion of this check-out term, at the University’s request, and/or upon my resignation or termination from University employment. I also understand that I must take reasonable care of this equipment that I may be held liable for mistreatment, loss, or theft of the equipment while it is in my care. 

Check-out of personal computers for offsite use by eligible UMSO personnel is a privilege made available by the System Office. It is not a right nor a condition of employment. The System Office reserves the right to revoke this privilege for any individual and/or to discontinue the program entirely.

How do I Request a Home Loaner?

Please submit a ticket to the UMSO Help Desk. The ticket should include the reason for the request as well as the duration of the loaner equipment. The request will be reviewed by the Director of Client Technology Services and if approved, a request form will be sent to you through Adobe Sign requesting your signature, acknowledging that you agree with the terms of the loaner agreement, as well as the signature of your manager or department head.

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