Customize Finance System Homepage

The Fluid Homepages appears when you log in to the Finance system. Homepages consist of a collection of tiles that show information to the end-user, and provide an easy way to navigate around the system. Homepages can be organized with tile content appropriate for your specific role(s). Note: The system imposes a limit of 10 user-defined homepages. 

Tiles provide a new navigational and informational structure and they allow users a quick way to perform routine tasks. Tiles give users direct access to targeted transactions. 

Creating Your Own Homepage 

A Homepage is a collection of tiles often grouped together for related work tasks. 

  1. Navigate to any fluid homepage or click the Home icon. 
  2. Select the Actions List icon and select Personalize Homepage from the menu.
  3. From the Personalize Homepage screen, click on the Add Homepage button from the side bar on the left. The Add Homepage popup window is displayed. 
  4. In the Add New Homepage edit box, enter the name of the new Homepage, and click the Add button. In the example below we created a homepage called “My New Cool Home Page."
  5. The new Homepage is available for selection from the left-hand column on the Personalize Homepage screen. 
  6. Click the Save button in the upper right corner to save your changes. 

Adding a Tile to Your New or Existing Homepage 

  1. Navigate to the page you want to add as a tile to a Homepage. (In this example: The user is navigating to the Journals page.) 
  2. Click on the Action List menu icon in the upper right corner and select Add to Homepage. 
  3. Select (choose) from available Homepages. (In this example: the user is adding the tile for Journals to My New Cool Homepage) 
  4. Click the Add button. You will get a message noting the tile has been successfully added. 
    Note: PeopleSoft recommends a limit of eight tiles to a Homepage.
  5. To check that the tile did get added, navigate to Home, select the Homepage you added the tile to, and the new tile should be available. (In this example: Journals has been added to the My New Cool Home Page).

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Kelly Weeks
July 28, 2019