Add, Edit or Delete a New or Existing Device

Add or remove a mobile phone, tablet, or landline, activate Duo Mobile, rename an existing phone or tablet device, or update your default device.

  1. Using the Duo Self Service link on the Connect To page, login with your umassp credentials.
  2. Authenticate via Duo using an existing device (landline or mobile device).
  3. On the UMSO Duo Device Management page, the My Settings & Devices screen will be shown.
  4. Select Device Options or +Add another device.
    • Device Options allows you to Reactivate Duo Mobile, Change Device Name or Delete a device.
    • +Add another device allows you to add another Mobile phone (Recommended),  Tablet (iPad, Nexus 7, etc.), or Landline.
  5. Follow the instructions to Enable Duo on a Landline  or Enable Duo on a Mobile Phone.
  6. Select Logout.

Last Updated

Kelly Weeks
July 28, 2019