2011 S&T Fund Awards

Professors Greg Tew and Maria Santore – UMass Amherst – Center for Soft Materials Immunology. This project, an example of the campus’s strategy to grow its life sciences research programs, focuses on a partnership between leading faculty in Amherst’s Polymer Sciences and Veterinary and Animal Sciences to develop new therapies to protect against and combat disease. Additional collaborators include UMass Medical School and the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute. Amount awarded: $130,000.

Professor Dan Simovici – UMass Boston – Collaborative Data Mining Center. The center will develop core computing research programs in data mining along with applications across many fields, including climate change, astronomy and the social sciences. One project currently being advanced involves sociology and computer science faculty working with the Boston Police Department on better prediction tools for criminal activity. Amount awarded: $110,000.

Professor Catherine Neto – UMass Dartmouth – Cranberry Health Research Center. The Center builds on campus research strengths in biochemistry and a long-standing partnership with Amherst’s Cranberry Station, as well as new collaborations with UMMS faculty. This research center will be unique in its focus on health and will benefit from industry collaborations on one of the Commonwealth’s most important agricultural products. Amount awarded: $110,000.

Professor Seongkyu Yoon – UMass Lowell – Biopharmaceutical Process and Control Consortium. Earlier S&T Fund investments in biomanufacturing set the stage for a new consortium which will address key processing challenges for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing cluster in order to enhance manufacturing efficiency. Helping to improve the climate for biopharmaceutical manufacturing is a priority for the University and the Commonwealth. Amount awarded: $130,000.

Dr. John Sullivan – UMass Medical School – Massachusetts CTSA Consortium Partnership. This project will assist UMass Medical School in continuing to expand its activities of the NIH-funded UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences, specifically through providing faculty with incentives for collaborations with researchers the other clinical and translational science centers at Harvard University, Tufts University, and Boston University. Amount awarded: $120,000.