2011 CE Fund Awards

Professor Diana Archibald - UMass Lowell - "Charles Dickens and Massachusetts:  Untold Stories Exhibition and Programming." - The proposal will highlight Dickens' deep yet little known connection to Massachusetts, and in so doing will likely generate a great deal of new interest in following Dickens' links to Lowell.  The earlier example of the Jack Kerouac educational and tourism site is a good example of just how well these initiatives can work out.  This effort is likely to leave a positive legacy from the Project for the City of Lowell, the University and the Commonwealth.  Amount awarded:  $29,200.

Professor Meg Bond - UMass Lowell - "Healthy Diversity in Massachusetts:  Supporting our Diverse Healthcare Workforce through Innovative Partnerships." -   The proposal to study the innovative educational partnerships which some Community Health Centers have developed with colleges, universities and /or hospitals to learn whether those partnerships can serve as useful models of workforce development, and, in particular, can help solve the unique problems faced by many CHCs in sustaining and retaining higher level workforce participation among diverse workers is a promising approach to a perplexing problem.  Amount awarded:  $26,700.

Professor Robert Forrant - UMass Lowell - "2012 Centennial Commemoration of the Bread and Roses Strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts." - The planned project to commemorate the historically important Bread and Roses strike in Lawrence will further enhance the long-term economic development of Lawrence, as well as help to generate student recruitment to UMass from the City and support current UML student service learning opportunities. The chance to visit the 6th floor of the old Everett Mill building, where the strike began, will be a special moment for many - both UMass students and other Lawrence residents. Amount awarded: $25,000.

Professor Pacey Foster - UMass Boston - "Lecco's Lemma's Rap Tapes:  An Aural History of the Birth of Rap Music in Boston."  -  The PI has discovered a collection of tapes produced by DJ Magnus Johnstone for his Lecco's Lemma radio show.  The tapes appear to have significant potential historical and social import, and the new proposal to preserve and study this collection is a fitting project at UMass Boston, our most urban campus.  Amount awarded:  $13,000.

Professor Elizabeth Brabec - UMass Amherst - "Telling the Springfield Story." -  The proposal to use a new technology, locative media, to document the rich civic and community life of Springfield, and to convey these stories to outsiders, thereby benefitting Springfield's public image and its economy, fits quite well with the goals of the Creative Economy Fund.  Amount awarded:  $24,200.

Professor Marlene Kim - UMass Boston - "The Effects of the Stimulus Act in Massachusetts:  Failure or Success?" -  The proposal to estimate spending by workers hired or retained because of the Stimulus Act, as well as related business spending, and to use this information to estimate the overall number of jobs created in Massachusetts due to the Stimulus Act is an innovative approach and likely to produce significant new data (and possibly policy suggestions.)  We are also pleased to see that the investigator plans to continue to work closely with the Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Office on this project.  Amount awarded:  $26,000.

Professor Alyssa McCabe - UMass Lowell - "Exploring Identity and Family Relationships in Latino and Asian Adolescents and Young Adults through Personal Narratives and Life Stories." -  The results of this study, using narrative life studies, should shed light on the challenges faced by, and the particular strengths of, young Latino and Asian people, and provide new guidelines on how they and their families might best be supported to enable them to become, first, successful high school and university graduates, and then, ultimately, productive citizens.  Amount awarded:  $23,000.

Professor Paula Rayman - UMass Lowell - "Women's Leadership Exchange:  Building Security through Economic and Social Development." - This proposal to leverage the success of the April International Women Leaders' Summit by widely distributing the "Lowell Declaration"; establishing an online Network for Sustained Partnerships and Mentorship; and holding three leadership workshops in the Commonwealth will spread the knowledge and benefits of the Summit and will likely inspire a new generation of women leaders.  Amount awarded:  $29,000.

Professor Karen Roehr - UMass Lowell - "The LOWELLcal Experience:Support LOWELLcal Culture, Non-profit Organizations and Businesses." The proposal to have UMass Lowell students work in teams (comprising designers, photographers, musicians, writers, marketers) to create advertising campaigns for the non-profit American Textile History Museum and the City of Lowell more broadly could have significant positive impacts on the Lowell economy and community.  The endorsements from the Textile History Museum and the Lowell City Manager only strengthen this premise.  Amount awarded:  $21,000.

Professor Yi Yang - UMass Lowell - "Leveraging Online Social Networks to Support Creative Ventures."  The proposal to examine how creative entrepreneurs (i.e. those engaged in the development of small businesses which develop, support or promote the creative arts) use online social networking tools to grow their ventures should have considerable value to building those enterprises and in helping new entrepreneurs to enter the field.  Amount awarded:  $29,000.