2007 CE Fund Awards

Professor Peggy Schwartz - UMass Amherst - "Dance in Three Stages." The project seeks to strengthen the ties between the University Dance Program/Five College Dance Department, the Fine Arts Center, and University Outreach, in order to improve the professional experience of dance students, increase the diversity of dance programming, and generate revenue to develop and sustain dance performances in the Pioneer Valley. The project will support auditions, rehearsals, and local productions; a performance by an ethnic or minority dance company in the Fine Arts Center; and a summer week-long program with professional choreographers in residence. Amount awarded:  $40,000.

Professors Joel Martin and Eileen Peacock - UMass Amherst, UMass Dartmouth - "Benchmarking the South Coast and Pioneer Valley Creative Economy through Consortium and Applied Research." The project will conduct primary research into the role of the University of Massachusetts in fostering the Creative Economy in the SouthCoast and Pioneer Valley Regions. The results will provide hard data to help the campuses better tap into their regional alumni networks, enhance their contributions to their regions' cultural and innovative activities, and promote sustainable economic development  Amount awarded: $75,000.

Professor Robert Forrant - UMass Lowell - "Two-pronged Project on Behalf of Lowell's Creative Economy." In partnership with COOL/Cultural Organization of Lowell and the Revolving Museum, the project will conduct a study of the impacts on Lowell's economy of several local cultural initiatives and support a multi-dimensional outreach effort, including UMass student "cultural ambassadors", to strengthen ties between the UMass Lowell community and the City's arts and culture community. Amount awarded:  $35,000.

Professor Anthony Szczesiul - UMass Lowell - "Creating an Urban Village Arts Scene." This project builds upon existing collaborative relationships between the University's English Department, the Lowell Poetry Network's Urban Village Arts Series, and the Merrimack Repertory Theater. It will seek to develop the existing Urban Village Arts Series into a central component of the cultural life of the City's Arts District, and to extend and enhance the value of these creative efforts by cultivating an engaged, informed, and participatory audience.  Amount awarded:  $30,000.

Professor Ramon Borges-Mendez - UMass Boston - "Workforce Development Regionalism to Promote Competitive Interdependencies and Labor Market Stability in Massachusetts." In Massachusetts' knowledge-based industrial milieu, innovation requires creating new forms of collaboration and new interdependencies between sectors such as health, biotech, and informatics, and among various kinds of actors including education, government, non-profits, industry and communities. This project will work closely with The Boston Area Advanced Technological Educational Connections (BATEC) to analyze and promote those new interdependencies (particularly labor market intermediaries) that are so critical to innovation. Amount awarded:  $15,000.

Professor Ellen Hume - UMass Boston - "The Ethnic Media Project and New England Ethnic Newswire." This award will assist the Center on Media and Society to develop and expand the Ethnic Media Project and the New England Ethnic Newswire. By using the internet to aggregate ethnic news content from different media sources in one place-together with face-to-face classes, conferences, internships and community workshops-the project will increase cross-cultural understanding and opportunities and build both consumers and creators of multi-ethnic news. Amount awarded $25,000.

Professor Cheryl Nixon - UMass Boston - "A Partnership with the Boston Public Library for Access to Rare Books." This project seeks to create a new collaborative partnership between the University of Massachusetts Boston and the Boston Public Library, focused on expanding public access to rare books. The proposed partnership will bring the raw materials of humanities research-rare, historical, and unique books-to the public via UMB courses at the BPL, a series of free, guided, open-to-all "rare books" exhibitions, and a new community outreach program in the BPL's 27 branch libraries. Amount awarded:  $30,000.