Vehicle Information

Local Travel

When available, employees should utilized state owned vehicles.  If there are no vehicles available, personal use of automobiles is permitted and reimbursed on a mileage basis at the effective Internal Revenue Service mileage rate.  The mileage rate covers all automobile expenses such as fuel, maintenance, towing, repairs, tires, depreciation, and insurance.  No reimbursement will be made for vehicle repair costs regardless of whether it results from the traveler’s act or acts of others.

In addition to the standard mileage allowance, tolls and parking fees are also reimbursable expenses.  The University will not reimburse employees for parking tickets, fines for moving violations or vehicle towing charges.

Mileage is measured from the employee’s home to the destination and return.  Or, from the University or department address to the destination and return, whichever is less.  Mileage between an employee’s residence and place of work is not reimbursed.

Please visit the IRS website to obtain the current standard mileage rate. GSA Website