Meal Expenses on Travel Status

Personal (non-business related) meal expenses incurred by an employee while on travel status cannot be charged to the Procard. Personal meal expenses incurred while on travel status must be paid out of pocket by the employee and then claimed as Per Diem reimbursement with the filing of an Expense Report.  Personal meal expenses will be reimbursed to the employee at the Per Diem rate set by the GSA on a yearly basis (see ‘Per Diem Rates’ below). Receipts are not required to be submitted for meals claimed as Per Diem.  

Per Diem Rates

The University has adopted per diem based on what the GSA sets each year. Please visit the GSA Per Diem Rates page to find the rates. Select the destination state and city using the drop down menu, then click "Find Rates". The appropriate rate for the city will be displayed. (The GSA per diem rate ONLY applies to meals, NOT hotels)

Business Meals on Travel Status

Per diem is not granted for meals that are provided as part of official University business such as business meetings. A meal expense incurred during a business meeting must be claimed for reimbursement on the Expense Report as a ‘Business Meeting’ and include a Business Entertainment Expense Form’ attached to the Expense Report.  A meal provided as part of a University meeting/function must be deducted from any Per Diem being claimed on the Expense Report.

Conference Meals

Conferences frequently provide meals to attendees as part of the registration fee. The traveler is not entitled to a meal per diem allowance for meals that are included as part of the registration fee. To assist with the determination of which meals were provided during a conference, a copy of the agenda (meeting schedule) must be included with the travel reimbursement request.

Full policy details on meal expenses can be found in the Meal Expense sections of the Travel Manual starting on pg. 18.     


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