Authorization & Booking


All employees must have access to both Peoplesoft and the Expense Module in order to be able to enter a Travel Authorization. Access to Peoplesoft needs to be requested by a supervisor. Once that access is established permission can be granted to enter transactions in the Expense Module. A travel authorization should be created immediately after learning that an employee will be traveling out of state on an overnight trip. The Travel Authorization must be submitted and approved before the dates of travel have passed.  The system does not allow entry or approval once the travel dates have passed.

How to Book Business Travel

The University of Massachusetts encourages travelers to book through one of the University's preferred travel agencies- Egencia and the Travel Collaborative.  Information to access the travel agencies can be found below

Egencia/ Online booking toolEgencia Login Page

Travel Collaborative/ Live agent booking:   UMass Dedicated Numbers
                                                                             855-497-8112 (toll free)

*Important- Employees booking travel for the first time should review the University’s Travel Program page before booking travel. University Travel Program

Questions regarding the University’s Travel Program can be directed to Deb Fisher at


Travel Authorization Entry Job Aid

Approving Travel Authorizations Job Aid