Operational Consulting Services - $50,000 or Less

For Operational and Consulting Services $50,000 or less you may use a vendor of your choice providing you do not expect total purchases with that vendor to exceed $50,000 over the next 12 months.

Vendors on University, State (Operational Services Division), E&I (Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing) and MHEC (Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium) contracts should be used whenever possible.

Purchasing Requirements

  • A purchase requisition must be entered and approved in the BuyWays Procurement System.
  • If a University, State (OSD), E&I or MHEC contracts vendor is used, the contract number must be referenced on the requisition.
  • A fully executed University of Massachusetts Contract for Services Form must be completed and attached to the requisition in BuyWays.
  • Any price quote from the Vendor should be attached to the requisition in BuyWays.