Requisitions and Purchase Orders

UMass BuyWays

In July 2013, the University rolled out a new eProcurement system from SciQuest, which was branded UMass BuyWays.  BuyWays is used for purchasing goods and services needed by the University and replaced the requisitioning and Purchase Order processes which had previously been performed in PeopleSoft.

The goals of the BuyWays implementation are:

  • Improve the quality of service to users by providing an intuitive, ‘Amazon-like’ shopping experience for purchasing goods and services
  • Reduce maverick spend and Procard activity by directing users to University contracts and preferred vendors through the use of ‘Punch-Out’ and ‘Hosted’ catalogs
  • Increase the use of electronic transactions for purchase orders and invoices
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts, made possible by a more efficient invoicing process
  • Capture detailed, item level spend activity by campus to improve spend analysis capabilities and strategic sourcing efforts.

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