Procurement rules and guidelines are governed by University Board Policy and standards issued by the University President.  The policy states that the University shall obtain all goods and services covered by this policy at the best over-all value to the University as is consistent with the quantity, quality, durability, availability, serviceability, and other factors affecting service and use as required by the using department of the University.  In complying with this policy, the cost of acquisition and the delivery time required shall be considered as well as the cost of the item being purchased.  All procurements must (1) have prior approval from the relevant Purchasing Department; and (2) have appropriate delegation and signatory authority in accordance with University policies and campus or President’s Office procedures to bind the University.

To maximize vendor competition and volume discount purchases, departments shall make use of University, Campus, State, E&I or MHEC publicly bid contracts whenever appropriate and practicable.  Contracts of other consortia and group purchasing organizations may also be utilized when approved by the University Purchasing Council based on evidence of consortia’s sound competitive and ethical procurement practices.

To encourage open and fair competition, advertisement for and receipt of competitive bids shall be used whenever practicable, or when required by law.  The University’s commitment to the principals of Affirmative Action shall be applied to purchasing with the objective of achieving and fostering greater minority and women-owned business enterprise participation in University procurement activity and encouraging socially or economically disadvantaged business owners to respond to invitations to bid on University business.