Unable to edit OneDrive documents after resetting network password


After resetting your network password, you receive a continuous loop login through the OneDrive app on your desktop or mobile device.


Important: Ensure before even resetting your network password that you have closed out of any documents you were actively updating in OneDrive to preserve recent edits.  If you have already changed your password and have an active session open in Word or Excel, please save the file locally prior to completing these steps.  Close out of all active sessions in either Word or Excel

Mobile Device

  1. Sign out of your OneDrive account through the OneDrive app, then log back in with the new credentials.
  2. Sign out of your OneDrive account through the Word app, then log back in with the new credentials.

Windows Desktop

  1. Close out of Office 365 and your browser completely.
  2. Open your control panel and select Credential Manager.
  3. Expand the OneDrive Cached Credentials under the Generic Credentials section.

  4. Click on the Remove from vault link.  The credentials will be removed.
  5. Open a new session of Word, select blank document, and then click the File dropdown on the top left corner of Word.  Under the File dropdown, select Account.  Sign out of your Office 365 account.

  6. Repeat step 4 with Microsoft Excel.
  7. Log back in to Office 365 and open a document for editing in Word or Excel.  You should receive a prompt to enter your credentials. 
  8. Enter your new credentials.  The document will open Microsoft Office for editing. 

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