Dell Products

Below you will find links for both Institutional and Personal purchases. The Institutional Purchases link provides standard systems with special UMass pricing based on the competitive bid process. The Personal/Student Purchases connects you to the “Shop the Dell Catalog” link on the Dell Home site where you can purchase any Dell product. Dependent on volume, you will receive between a 2-12% discount when you use the university member#.

Dell Institutional Purchases

Dell computers can be purchased either through Dell directly or through their authorized reseller, Whalley Computer Associates. However, in all cases University staff and faculty must use UMass BuyWays for institutional purchasing. Once you login to BuyWays you can either select Dell or Whalley to see the list of standard configurations.

To view the standards directly on the Dell site you must first setup Your Dell Profile. For returning users, login to the Dell Institutional Site. While you can review standards and generate quotes you cannot place an order directly from this site as you must go through BuyWays.

UMass Medical School  Please click on the Medical School link for Medical School specific configurations.

For Dell Direct Support, contact Isaac Payleitner (Account Manager) at - (512) 513-8424, or Steven Gross (Account Executive) at - (978) 626-2619.

Dell Personal/Student Bundles

Dell Catalog Personal Purchases

Shop the Dell Catalog where you can purchase any Dell product. You will receive a minimum of 2% off of the Dell.Com site. Depending on the particular promotion you could save as much as 30% or receive free product offers.

For Dell Catalog support, contact Dell Personal Purchases Support at 866-257-4711.