UMass Cyber Security Task Force Preliminary Report

Cybersecurity and privacy have become critical issues in our information-driven and knowledge-based economy.   In order to support all the industry sectors in the Commonwealth and the region to meet cybersecurity workforce needs, the University of Massachusetts, in collaboration with the Business Higher Education Forum (BHEF) has undertaken a workforce development plan.

Any instructional/curricular developments should address both the need to develop “cyber enabled” staff  and the need to spread “cyber awareness” across the many disciplines that encounter cybersecurity issues.  This calls for instruction at a variety of levels:  CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) type certificate programs, 2+2 community college transfer programs, undergraduate programs along lines defined by the NSA and DHS, as well as a spectrum of specialized undergraduate and graduate programs focused on different aspects of cybersecurity.

The Report contains recommendations intended to launch a leadership role for the University of Massachusetts that requires collaborations with other universities and colleges together with partnerships that leverage the capabilities and resources of industry, foundation, and government sectors. 


Executive Summary / Full Report (Modified 3/3/2015)