Welcome Letter

Dear friends,

The search for a permanent Chancellor for UMass Boston is under way -- and the University has constructed a search committee and process designed to lead to the selection of the best possible leader for its Boston campus.

The University has launched this effort based on its belief that this is the right moment to move forward on the selection of a permanent chancellor for UMB.

The goal of the search is to find an outstanding leader for this transformational and inspirational campus.

As Chair, we are committed to a search that is fair, open and transparent -- and in that spirit will make documents available and provide updates on this site.

We are also committed to bringing this search to a successful conclusion and to serving the citizens of the Commonwealth via our threefold mission of education, research and public service. We want UMass Boston and the five-campus UMass system to always stand tall as a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.

Robert J. Manning, Chairman, UMass Board of Trustees