Shared Services Project

With support from the University President, Chancellors, Board of Trustees, and Administration and Finance leadership, we will soon begin the planning phase of a Shared Services project.  In an August 15, 2018 letter to the Chancellors, the President asked Lisa Calise to work collaboratively across all campuses in an effort to develop a comprehensive plan for Shared Services in 3 functional areas:  accounts payable, procurement, and payroll.  The plan is to be delivered to the President by December 2018.

A project team from across the university has been assembled and will begin their planning activities on October 10.  With support from the President's Office and guidance from Accenture, the team will work collaboratively to develop the plan.  A Steering Committee and Advisory Working Group have been established to provide further guidance to the team.

For more information, please check out the project website.