Shared Services Project

At a time of financial challenge for public higher education, we must continuously push ourselves to find more efficient ways of doing business.  In that spirit, President Meehan last year called for the development and implementation of a shared services model of delivering administration and finance services to the campuses.

The resulting plan, developed by a team of subject matter experts that included representatives from each campus, delineates the application of shared services to accounts payable and procurement, at an estimated annual savings of $16 million, and lays the foundation for the exploration of future efficiencies.

The final plan was delivered to the President on January 31 and the Board of Trustees’ Administration & Finance Committee on March 27.  Implementation will begin in May and the new system will be operational by January 2010.

We are grateful for the support, guidance and assistance of the leadership and administration and finance functions of each campus.  The full plan can be found here.

UMass Shared Services Plan Final 2019.pdf