We Are Better Together Business Process Redesign

In late April 2016, in response to a review of the current Finance / HR enterprise system, Administration and Finance Chancellors (AFC) and campus leadership convened in Amherst to discuss business process review and shared services. The session produced a resounding commitment to a Business Process Redesign (BPR) review and agreement to leverage respective strengths to restructure business processes in order to eliminate redundancy and establish standardization and alignment of critical functions.

To support the dedicated resources needed for this project, the University applied for, and received, a $400K two year grant from the Davis Foundation. In making the award, the Davis trustees remarked that the project was an enormous and complex undertaking and assessed the leadership team as strong and competent. The grant, along with University cost share resources will support project management and change management costs.

In January 2017 the University System BPR plan, We Are Better Together was launched. The primary goals are:

  • Conduct a business process review to establish a University System of standards and alignment that maximizes resources and fosters efficiency and effectiveness enabling reinvestment in campus-focused functions and positioning operations for future enhancements
  • Challenge how we do business
  • Increases the level and quality of customer service by embracing a customer centric approach to work
  • Through training, engage and empower the A&F and Grant Adm staffs with a process improvement approach to work that creates agility and resilience
  • Prepare for a modified or new ERP system.

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Davis Foundation Grant

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