2018 UMass Accessibility Retreat Photos

Thank you to Tom Howe from UMass Amherst for capturing this year's event.

Luis Perez, remote keynote speaker, demonstrating the Seeing AI application's facial recognition feature on the iPad to attendees.

Luis Perez, Touch of Light Keynote.

A room full of retreat attendees at tables placing their hands like binoculars around their eyes to simulate "retinitis pigmentosa" during the keynote presentation.

Retinitis Pigmentosa activity at the Keynote.

John Rochford, UMass Medical School, standing and presenting.

John Rochford, Accessibility Guidelines for the Web and Other Digital Technologies Session.

Yamin Chevallard and Matt McCubbin, UMass Boston, seated at a table presenting.

Yamin Chevallard and Matt McCubbin, Microsoft Accessibility Session.

Bill Leahy and Joshua Pearson from UMass Amherst co-present alongside Keith Mountin from Apple on iOS Accessibility.

Bill Leahy, Josh Pearson, and Keith Mountin, iOS Accessibility session.

Matthew Mattingly, Kelsey Hall, and Scott Poulin from UMass Amherst present on Audio/Visual accessibility to a room full of attendees seated at tables.

Matthew Mattingly, Kelsey Hall, and Scott Poulin, Audio/Visual Accessibility Session.

Brandon Drake, UMass Lowell, presenting about PDF accessibility while seated.

Brandon Drake, PDF Accessibility Session.

Four retreat attendees having a discussion around a table

4 of the 96 attendees from across the campuses.

Marisha Marks, UMass Amherst, converses with Blackboard Ally in the vendor hall.

Marisha Marks and Rebecca Hall at the Blackboard Ally table.

During closing remarks, Matt McCubbin, Clara Reynolds, and Kristina England are seated while Kelsey Hall, draws names for the raffle prizes.

Matt McCubbin, Kelsey Hall, Clara Reynolds, and Kristina England, Closing Remarks.

Pile of retreat nametags with multi-colored tactile dot stickers and TextHelp lanyards.

Retreat Name Tags with Vendor Tactile Stickers.