2019 Accessibility Conference Photos

Thank you to Tom Howe from UMass Amherst for volunteering as our conference photographer for the second year in a row.  

Doug Anderson stands in front of the conference attendees. He can also be seen on dual screens positioned to his left and right.

Doug Anderson kicks off the conference.

Sarah Horton presents at a podium with a presentation screen to the left.  Her shadow silhouettes her to the right on a gray curtain.

Sarah Horton from The Paciello Group presents the keynote speech, "Putting people first in your accessibility practice."

A wide angle shot of the keynote speech with over 80 people seated at round tables.

Staff members from across the University system attend the keynote speech.

Attendees silhouettes sit in the forefront of a presentation with the presentation screen blurred out in the background.

Attendees learn about accessibility.

Dave Marra reaches out his hand while demonstrating Apple accessibility features.

Dave Marra presents on Apple accessibility features.

Sarah Schaidt stands at a microphone talking. She moves her hands actively while presenting.

Sarah Schaidt presents an "Introduction to Digital Accessibility Design and Standards."

Joshua Pearson sits at a panel table, speaking into a wired microphone.

Joshua Pearson presenting at the Social Media Accessibility session.

Doug Ventura jots down notes in a notebook at a roundtable with two other attendees sitting with their backs to the camera.

Joshua Pearson talks to members of the President's Office Internal Audit department about how to use an iPad for accessibility testing during the Manual Testing Playground.

Matt McCubbin and Colleen Locke sit at a panel table speaking into wired microphones.

Matt McCubbin and Colleen Locke at the Email Marketing session.

Kristina England standing in front of a podium speaking into a wired microphone.

Kristina England provides tips on designing inclusive presentations.

Paula Thorsland stands in front of attendees with an iPad in her hand. She speaks into a wireless microphone.

Paula Thorsland from UMass Boston presents on improving student access.