We Are Better Together Hall of Success

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    Teams compete to build the tallest Marshmallow Tower in an exercise that demonstrates the lessons of prototyping/process refinement, team work and hidden assumptions.

  • Tom Hoole speaks at the Better Together Kick-off.

    Members of the Procurement Council (Left to right: John Martin, John Healey, Mike LaGrassa, Brian Girard, and Tom Hoole) presented a Collaboration Success Story at the May 3rd BPR kick-off session.

We Truly Are Better Together—see the improved customer experience, increased data integrity and/or increased efficiency achieved through specific BPR  projects.  As projects are completed, their success stories will be posted on this page.

Celebrating wins across the UMass University system.

Process Reviewed/Redesigned Problem Statement Strategic Alignment Primary Customer Value-Added Targeted Effectiveness and/or Efficiency
Employee Tuition Discount Process is based on manually submitted paper forms that touches a minimum of three department across a campus. Once submitted, it is difficult to track the accuracy, timeliness and progress of the form to completion. Increase customer service and Reduce redundancy. Employee Currently Work in Progress