Accessibility Working Groups

Office of the President Accessibility Working Group

The Office of the President Accessibility Working Group is made up of staff across various departments within the office that manage technology and other services for which accessibility must be considered.  The group meets on a semi-annual basis to discuss progress being made on current accessibility initiatives.

Working Group Coordinator

Kristina England, Change Management Specialist, UITS

Human Resources

Jennifer Forsberg, Senior HR Generalist

Office of the General Counsel

Karen Laisne

Dawna McIntyre

University Communications

Ron Agrella, Director of Digital Media & Strategy

University Information Technology Services

Tracy Axelson, Web Developer

Frank Butler, Principal Project Manager

Iris Lyons, Project Manager

Wendy Mulcahy, Manager of Student Applications

Ralph Zottola, Chief Technology Officer for Research Computing


Som Seng, Senior Marketing Manager

University Procurement

John Healey, Senior Director of Enterprise Procurement

Don Joubert, Director of Procurement & Administration

University Treasurer

Kathryn White, Merchant/Banking Manager

Cross-Campus Accessibility Group

In early 2017, a Cross-Campus Accessibility Group was created to share processes and guidelines across the University's five campus and the Office of the President.  This group meets once a quarter and has representation from both the IT and Disability Services staff at each campus.  The group also cross-shares information through an online UMass accessibility forum.